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The Bubble series speaks to self-containment, speculation, and the ephemeral. The sculptures can be viewed as imagined ecologies. The transparent bubbles encasing these fantastic worlds emphasize their fragility and a need for protection. One can view the array of bubbles as a kind of laboratory, with each bubble an experiment for spawning a different kind of world. The variety of worlds, that Bubble offers, advises that many kinds may be possible. The subtext is that there is speculation or uncertainty in committing to any particular version of a world.


I call on childhood memories when I would play on the swings and look down imagining I was miles above the ground. Pebbles would transform into cities beneath me. With the Bubble work, I want to compel the viewer to move from a literal to a figurative perception of objects that realize these sparkling worlds.


The worlds offered in Bubble can also seem retrospective, complete with the naivety of how we have imagined future or possible worlds. In a moment in history when we seem to be on the cusp of abandoning one kind of world and groping to create another, my work counsels openness to what may be possible.

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